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Salomon a typeofChrig, c ring his eyeofprote ìon upon it, and his prefence with it_upon all occafïonsand neceflìties, r. King. 8.14, Our Salomon hathaltodedicated his houle, and by folemne prayer commended it to the care and.cuaody of his heavenly father ; Nothingneedfull for his Churchbath bee forgotten to procure for ir, not onely by that mof} effeetuall and meritorious prayeri but alfa byhis con- tinuall interceffon now in heaven for it. 2. In that dedication Salomon framed a mol}excellent prayer, the formeofwhich is regiftred inScri titre but our ,Sielo_ monpath delivered us a forme and patterne ofprayer : which is a great part of the riches of the new Tefta- ment above the old. 3. In orderingthe Temple, that is, in the confitution of Gods true and publike worfhip in that Temple, inappointing the feverall of- ficesand officers ofit. A type ofjefiis Chrift whoafcen- dingon high appointed the officers ofhis Church fame `Prophets,fameApotles, form Evangelifts, andfoire Pa- f$or:,andTeachersfor the buildingup. ofthebody ofChrifi, eph4 t t.12, r.Cor,I 2.5 ,thereare manyadm:nifgrations, but thefauneLord. V I. Salomon was a type ofChrift in wife difpen- fing and adminiftring juftice. r. in refpec`t of gifts, z. of execution or manifefling them. i. For the gifts, they are notably fignified in Salomon: Throne, which was exalted above allthe Thronesofall Princes; defcribed, r.King.j o.i 8. r. The matter was Ivory andgold wherewith it (pined : Signifying the frncere and upright difpofitionofSalomon to juttice and equity, ' fhunning all corruption and by-refpeets which make men pervert Jut ice, And as thefe verrues madeSalomon throne to thine fo the royall throne of Chriû is a throneofJuÍtice,agreat white Throne, Rev.zo. a t . No- thing but fincerity and purity proceeds thence. Hee juftifies no wickedperfon or caufe, nor rakes the ungod- ly by the hand. z. The'QQateofit. The Xing alcen- G ded Ioiin 17. Order let. 6. Adminifirati, onof Iuf}ice. Salomons Throne : fixe things opened.