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Choice ofpriefi,r, a type f Chr:J1. \ I0 g Melchizedek., werfe II S s and becaufe bee was to change the Prieihood, and would doe it in the tribe, andwas tobee a Prieft not after the carnal! commandement, hot after the power ofendleje life, verfo z 6. But yet hewas exprellely typed by thofe Priefts. Neither was it with- outa fp rituall fignification, that dfarox the firfl ofthofe high Pricfts fhould bee Mofe; brother. For what more brotherly league then ofChrift to Mofer,ofgrace to the Law, and ofthe new Teltament to theOld ? 2. To the perfeftions. For in the choice of thePrieft were requifite many external' perfections. Levit.2 1.17 , Who- foever of thy feed hash any blemiJ1es, ,ßl1 not preafe to offer thebread of her God. Hee mutt not beblind, lame, nor mifhapen. Wherein the Lord would not onely provide for the dignityof that calling in that infancy of the Church; which otherwife (if the Priefthood had lame inoutward Phewcontemptible) manymight have drawennottheir perfonsonely into contempt, but even 1 all fuch holy things as they handled : But efpecially to fignifie jefus Chrift our high Prieft to bee without all blemifh, the onely immaculateLambe that takes away the finnes of the world. For although noother mortali man could be without fumeblemifh of finne or other ; yet it became us to have fuch an high Prieft as is holy, harmelcffe, undefiled, feparate from finnera, Hebr.7.26. And as our Lord was fpotlefl'e, and without all blemifh; Ifo alto perfect in all parts and perfe Lions. He wanted nopart, no gifts no fufficiency todifcharge that funftion tooweighty for men and Angels. I. In this onr unblemifhed high Prieft wee have a fufficient cover for all ourblemiftves both of file and body. z . Ifnever fo blemifhed in fouleby Panne,by infirmity, if weehavea thoufand wants and eye-fores ; if webewaile and refift them, here is helpe and remedy in our high Prieft againft them all. For as thofeperfons that hadfuchblemifhes might not fared a; the Altar to H 3 dee` t. The per. (edions. Note. i; A cover for all deformitiesof foule and body