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toz Choice ofpriefls, a type of chr?ft. doe duties there,' yet they were allowed in the Congre- gation, and to ease from the Altarof the facrifices as the Prieasdid,Levit. t.zz : So all defeas and weakneffes, which the Saintscarry as a butthen,fhall not hinder their, I from participating in the good things purchafed by 1 Chrif}s fàcrifìce, nor oil them out of place ofthe elect, neither herenor for ever. 2. Be thou never fo ble- mifhed, and deformed, or maimed in body, now ( the truth being come ) God refpet`s not according to the outward appearance. And although the honour of the Miaiflery mutt beerefpet ed , and the choifefl of our children are not too good for Gods fervice ; yet now it is farre better, a good Miniffer without an eye, ora' r \hand, or foot ; then a Congregation without a good JMinifter. I I. All thefe outward perfec4ions ofthe body in Note. 2. all the Prieas high and low, point us to fuch endow- Q.plitics re- ments and gifts of minde which the Lord expetis in qu,fìte in Mi- Mini flers,before they attempt this high calling. t . He wile, s. of all men mull notbee blind or ignorant. Hof 4. 6. Becuufe thou haft refilledknowledge, thou ort rejectedfrom being st Priefl to me. How fhould he be a light to others that himfelfe is in darkneffe ? If the eye bee darke fo is all the body. 2. Hee mull not haveeither a blind or a bletnilhed eye, an eye filled with envie at another mans gifts and prolperity : Nor a fquint eye, looking indire- t4ly upon every thing not aimingat Gods glory, or the building of Chrifts Kingdome , but his owneglory, wrath,lufts, ends. 3. He mua not be lameor tripled in his feet, but Blake right fleps to his feet, IHeb. i z. r 3. Upright in his way; not right dot`lrine onely, but right life alto. d. Hee mull not have a flat nofe, that is, without difcretion, or judgement to difcerne truth and fallehood, good andevill things fit and unfit. As the note ciiícer 3es finells ; fo to difcerne companies and courfes. S, Hee muff: not have a crooked backe, ben- ded