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Ioq. e. Mtafurc. Comm,unica- tion. Conforationofpriefis,a type ofChrift. this. pile fwimmes aloft : So the Spirit andgraces are higheft. 2. No firanger had that Oile, but onelyper- fons and things fannified : So none but Gods Eleft have thefe preciousand faving mercies. /oh. t 4.17. The worldcannot receive it, that is gifts not common, but of fanftification. 3. That perfumd all theplace where it was : It is the Spirit ofGod that fweetens and perfumes all our anions and natures, otherwifemoll: corrupt and loathforne to God. 4. That fanrtified the thing to which it was applied , and fee it afide to an holynie. Withoutthis Oile the facrifice of theJewwas as if hee had killed adog. It is theSpirit that fets as apart, and fannifieth to the Lord us, our perlons, our actions, 2. Tim. 2.21. The fervice that wantsthe fpirit is hateful! to God. S. Oile is cleare and fhining, and snakes o- ther things anointed to thine : Theholy Ghoft within, enlightneth the mind, and brings in the true light and knowledge ofGod. r.loh.a.27.the anointing hallteach youallthing,. 6. Oile hath the force of fire in pene- tratingand fabtly pearcing, and is the fuel! and feederof fire and flames : So the Spirit of God is a pearcing fire in the heart, andkindlesand maintaines in it the ardent flames of the love of God. Holy thoughts as fparkes file upward. 7. Oile fuppleth, cherifheth, comfor- teth : So the Spirit of confolation anoints with oile of gladneffe, Pfa1.45.7. It is he that brings peaceand tran- quillfty into confciences. 2. The meafure, powred in abundance upon Aaran, head. Not droppedbut pow- red, fignifying the abundance ofgifts and graces soft plentifully conferred upon Chrift ourhead. For as it was proper to the high Pried to bee anointedon the head, whereas the common Priefts were anointed but in their hands, not on their heads : So was Chrift as the headanointedwithoile aboveall his fellowes, and recei- ved the fpirit beyond meafure, fignified bypowringon the head. 3. The communication of' this oile. it flayed