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_........ Confecration o fprief,r,a typeofChrif. n I I Prief} was the peace-offering, or the Euchariflïcall facri- tice; theufe ofwhich was,both that .laron fhould (hew his thankfulneffe toGod who had advanced him to fo highan office, as allo to obtaine of God by prayer finch highand excellent gifts as were needFull for the executi- on ofthe fame : and this poinreth direeilyat Jefus Chrift. I. The blood of this Lambe was to be put on the lap of Aarons eare, upon the thumbe ofhis right hand, and on the great toeof his right foot. Signifying r . That ail the ac`}ions of Chrift, his hands, feet atad parts were red with his paflion. Pfal. 22. 16. they pierced rayhands And feet. 2. The whole obedienceofjefus Chrift to his fa- ther even to the death, called a piercing orhoaring ofthe eare. 3. That it is, Chrifl who fanaifieth the cares, hands, and feet of the Prief} and people. The eare to beare divine Oracles, the Prieffs mutt firft learne then teach. Thehands toworke the ac}ions ofgraceand ho. lineffe. The feet to diwep and lead into all holy moti- ons and converfation, arnuf}be wafhedby the bloodof Chrift that we may be 'Wholly cleane. As both ourSa- viourteacheth by the wafhing ofthe difciples feet, John r 3. 5, 6. As alto in Peters requeff, Lordnot myfeet onely, but my hands and head, John i 3.9. 2. A part of this fa- crifice went to the Priel'}, part to the offerer, fgnifying that both Prief}andpeople have part and interef} in the death ofChrift; as alto that Chrift did not onely deliver himfele to death for us,as thisRam,but alfò giveth him- felfe to feed us to eternall life. Iohn 6.5 5. yf efh ie meate indeed. 3. It mutt be heaved up before the Lord, and fhaken too and fro every way. ver. 26. Signifying r . The liftingup and heaving ofChrit}upon the Crofe. 2. The heaving upofourhearts in thankfialneffe to God for fogreat benefits. 3. That the merits ofChrift our true facrifice, and benefits ofhis death fbould, by the preaching andpublicationoftheGofpell,be fpred abroad into allcornersofthe world, as that facrifice was fhaken every 3. A peace of- fring,or f.icri- fice Pucharif}i. call. Paniculars 4. Pf l ço,6.