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r- icz ConfiCrdtiotaOfprieffo t,ype ofChrift. sampaavema..IKO__. Note. wafh and purgéall with the blood of Chnf. Notes of it. everyway, Eafl, Weft, North, and South. 4. This fa- crifice mullalwayes be offered up with cakes of unlea- vened bread tempredwith oyle,ver. %3. Signifying,t .the moll perfec9 purityofChrifts life anddot rine without all leavenoffinne. a. That Prieft and people mull in fervice to God lay afide all leaven of malicioufneffe. 3. The oyle notes the foft and loving kindneffe of Godand Iefus Chrif},chearing and fuppling the confci- ence by the fweet meditation of it ; as alto how joy- fully and gladlywe ought to ferve the Lord , and with cheerefulneffe prefent before hire all the parts of his worfhip. Notehence, as the care, hands, and feeteof the high Prielt muff be touched withblood beforeheattempt any part of his office : foour care muff be that all =parts all our af}ions and affeaions bee touched and purged with the bloodofChrifl. SoDavid, 'PM 5 I... wafh methroughly. Reafon. 2. Becaufe finne bath defiled the whole man; all his parts, all his actions, all within him, all without him. 2. This fouleneffe flicks fo fàíl, as it is no eafie matter tobee cleanfed. Nothing in the world can fetchbut this foile but the blood of Chrift. Not all the water in the fea, nor all the holy water in the Sea ofRome can wafh away one firm. 3. All thou docfl or performed depends upon the merit of this blood, and dignityofthis perfon and pafllon foraccep- tance. The knowledge of thy duty mutt be fprinkled with thisblood,fór that is fignified by thecare. The un- dertaking ofduty, by the hand. The progref e and per- feverance in it by the foot. All muff bee prefented in him andby him,and finde graceand acceptance. lfI wafh thee not, thou haft nopart in me. u. Howmay Iknow that the blood of Chrift hath touchedand purgedme ? An¡: 1. It is not enough that Chriffs bloodbe flied, but it muff altobe fprinkled. If thou conteuteft not thy felfe