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Con *ration ofprieJ1s,4 type ofChrifi. felfe that Chrift bath died for all, but feeft how necefra- ry it is to apply it to thy felfe. 2 If thou haft an hand to lay hold onChrifts blood and befprinkle thy felfwith it. A man walhethhis face with his hand. This hand is faith, which takes up thebloodofChrift, and applyes it toones felfe, as did Paul, who dyed for me. 3. if it wafh thewholeman within and without, which no otherblood coulddo. Thebloodoffacrificeswader the Law could notfa t61ifie theconfcience, but onely the out ftde,Heb.9.9. but this can and muff purge the confcience from deadworked, ver. i 4. And under confèience is con- tained the whole inner man, purged by the merit of his fati.fyingblood,and by hid firit renewing our nature. And for the outward man, i . if thy right Bare bee touched, thou haft the hearingBare rightly to heare the word ofGod.Thou heareft to learne; for to hearken is better then the fat ofRammes. z. Ifthy right hand be touched, that thou art an a6tive Chriftian, not an hearer onely of the word but a doer, and unto knowledge of the doarine of faith joyneft obedience of faith, thou keepeft the faith wooking, as knowing that obedience is better then facrifice, thou darefi not doe what feemes good to thy felfe, or is right in thy owne eyes,but what is rightly ruled by Gods word, for that is the right hand touched. 3. ifthy right foot be touched, that thou walkeft in the right way with a right foot, not making crooked pathes to thy feet, but ordering thy converfation aright. And all this with right ends and affections, the feet of the foule laying afide all finifter ends and intentions in all thy obedience, and direc4ing all to the honour of the true Aaron and high Prieft Jefus Chrift. 4. If thou findeft the eftéc`ts ófChrifts blood fprinckled. r . Pacificationofconfeience,for this blood fpeakesbetter things then Abel, for us, and in us; for us,toGod by interceffion : in us, byperfwation that the Lord looking on the blood ofChrift, reas wholly I in "3 h,!es i'o rangrsinia fati} fzElo. iz. Spiratu itæturaln nnßrii ;egeyterate. Ef%as two.