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118 Precious ftoncs Shining. Worth. Piace. Number. Order. Figure. Highpriesapparrel,a type Q fOri. Hones whichwere fet in fours rowel according to the number of the tribes,ver. i 7.to the zz. In which r , The fhining of thefe (tones fignified the fhining purity and innocency of Jefus Chrill both in him'elfè, and in his members. I fthey be pure as the f un,faireas theMoone, what is he ? 2. Their price, ofgreat value a.nd worth: figniFying what a price the Lord Jefus valued his Church at. He accountcth not beleevers as common and bale liones,but moreprecious then his owne life. How vile and defpica51e foever they fume to men, and tro- den under foot heere below as common pebles; yet Jefus Chri(l lets another price on them. 3. Their place or fituation. They are fet in the pec4orall, and Aaron mull carry them on his heart : fignifying that Chrif% bath as much careof his Church as if it were in- clofed in his heart ; lets out his blood co make roome in his heart for them. 4. Their number, Twelve, accor- ding to all the tribes : noting that there is a roome in the heart ofChrift for every one of the eleel. None can anticipate or prevent other. With him is plenrifull re- demption. The former without the latter (hall not be perfeied,Fied, t r.40. S. Their order. They (land in foure rowes in a comely quadrangle : fignifying the comelyorder that Chr ill lath flablifhed in the Church: fame in higher place, Come in lower, Tome ofone ranke and vertues,fome ofanother, as thofe flcnes,but all (land lamely and fitly And thisorder wee muff maintaine,' keepe our mikes as theydid. 6. The figure. The foure fquare, ver, r 6 : fignifying the $lability and firme- neffe of the Church, as a foure fquare turne it anyway is firme. Satan and all deceivers fhall not pick one [lone out.ofChrils PeL4orall Thegates ofhell fnall not pre- vaileagahiflhim that is fixed in that rocke and (lone of 'fuel. 7. Their ufe. That Aaron, who beforebare the names of Ifrael on his fhoulders before the Lord, might now beare them on his heart continually for a 1 remem-