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Highpri, fis apparret,a typeofChrif 11 remembrance before the Lord, when he goeth into the holy place, ver. 29 : fgnifying z. The ardent love jefus Chrit towards his Church , who beares it not onelyon his fhouldcrs as a fhepheard, nor onely in his armesas a ouríe : but uponhis heart, and in his heart never to forget our good. ifAaron may forget the names liecarries upon his i%oulders,he cannot the names upon his breal}or heart,fo cannot Chrifl forget the Church he bath taken into hisheart. lfa. 49. T5, Cana vemanforget her child, and not have compaffon on the fonne of her trombe ?though theyß>ouldforó et,yet Brillnot Iforget thee. 2. Bearing of the names continually before the Lord on his heart, fignifieth the continuall mindfuinefi'e and intercefion ofjefus Chrift for his Church in that hea- venly fancìuary,Yeb.7.z5. By vertue of which all our prayersget audienceand acceptance. 8. Thequan- tity. As all the names of Ifraell were gathered into a narrow cornpaffe : fo jefus Chrifl our Mediator (hall gather together into one all the defperfed fonnes of God : and prefent them before God as the moil beauti-' full and precious parts of the world,loh.I 1.5 2. He (hall make a (hurtaccount in the earth, in comparifon of the wicked who will take upmore roome. I I. In refpec4 of the Urim and Thurnmim which were put in the brreflpLate of judgement, ver. 3o. Of whichRabbi David a jew faith : It is unknowne tous what there fgni6e. And what this precious monument was (put by Gods appointment into the fold of the Pec`ìorall)no man living can tell.' take it tobeno worke- manfhip ofman, but a (acted monument immediately received fromGod. But exprefly they fignified jefus Chrifl i , in their names, z,in their ufe. z. Their names, Urim and Thummim. Urim fig- ! nifieth lights in the plural! number.Note that therewere not lights and fhining before in the Peaorall by the many precious Rones : but here is a glorious_ light fhi. 14 ning Quantity. Vr_tn and Thummirn. Non eft manifefii apednos quid hec, ignifrcet t. Rab. I)a. Names, ,,