Tailor - Houston-Packer Collection BT225 .T37 1635

Highpriefis apparel, a type ofChrifl. Lordmuft beholy. Alas, how afraid are many of this Plate, for fpsiling/oftheir preferment ? It was a chiefe grace ofthe chiefeMinifler ofthe old Teflamet t : with its a chiefdifgrace; and too much purity to eary holinefï'e in ourforeheadsin ourprofeßron. Wee c?n put on this plate in the Pulpit, and fuppofe it fit for the Temple,but . ;inour private houles oft it afide. V. As the Priefts mull have in their skirts both bells andPomegranat$ : fo muff every Evangelical) Minifter. . The bells allow them not tobe dumbe dogs, Ife. 56. i o. but the foundoftheLaw andGofpell mull clearEly found in their mouthes tobeheard-afarre off. 2. Thefe bells mu.ft be ofgold, t pur Minifters in minde that their doc rive be pure; not corrupt, not favouringofPopery, liberty, or felfe-refpea. 3. They muff never come in- to the congregation without thefe bells; for Miniflers mull thil be furnifhedwith force foundmatterofinftru- &ion and edification. How is it then that many come into theCongregation andnever bringbells ? Many are afraid left the found of their bells should bee heard too much, and that it woulddifgrace them to be counteddi- ligent preachers ? And many (corne others that their bells found fo often ? 2. To the bells milliners mutt joynePomegranates With the wholefome word joyne good workes and holy life. He caries the bell, a minilter whole life is agreable with holy do`lrine. Met. S. 19. He that keepeth the commandments, and teachetho- thers fo to doe, (hall be great in the kingdome ofGod. JohnTaptil? had, both bells (being a burning light in himfelfe) and Pomegranates; being a (lining light unto others. And as the Pomegranates fmelled fweet fo mull milliners labour to leave a fweet finell behinde them everywhere. Their converfation mull not favour of lightneffe, pride, ambition, cove toufneffe,contention, prophanenefe; &c. V I. As thePrietl muff have the tribes begraven on his 127 5. They malt bee good preachers andgood livers 6 Love the flack dearcly.