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jz$ Highprief1s apparel,a type ofC'hrifi. Illudquod C[°ri- ßianàfumwt, pro. pter noreß; quod autemprapwfati fumus, propter zos e(t. Aug. de Paftor.cap. i. Itludquod mun- daiaifasmws (po tiws vainCeri. ßiana) pt.opter nos eft. 7. Still keep on thrCcholy gar- mcnts. hisbreath : fo mull the minifler his fleckeommitted to him; who mull be deare tohim, and taken up into his heart. And hearty love would force them to feed the flock, in feafon, out offeafon, and let forward their falva- tion and inflruciion; and feeke them, not theirs. In that we Minifters are Chriftians, we arefo (or our felve.r; but in that we are Minifters of Chrifi, we arefoforlox. Some wholly forget the fecond, and I with not the firíl too. Whomay rather fay : Inthat weeare worldlin f (rather then Ch; iftians) we arefofor otar [elves. Their flockes are (lightly engraven in their hearts, V I I. As the Prier s had thefe garments girded unto them : fo mua milliflers gird fait unto them the fe gar- ments ; for thefe garments differ fornewhat from theirs. They might put offtheir garments when they came cut ofthe holy place : but miniflers oftheGofpell may not put offtheirs when they corneout of the Church;no nor when they goe to bed,nor about any bufinef e; theymutt never comeoff. Many are fo diffolute and ungirt, and theregarmentsare fo loofeon them, as they give juft oc- cafìon to the people to fay; that they be good only in the Pulpit;and fo their people learne of them to be good on- ly in the Church. Wee mull girt our graces fail to us. This is the onely minifleriall apparrell appointed by God. I. Three des for the people. Twofold in- í}cuftion. Sett. V. Now for the people ofGod I. Thefe garments were never changed. Though the highPrieft dyed, yet his apparell remained and was put upon the next. This teacheth us that we all have but one high Prierl, whole robes we mull put on, which are lo- ftingand never worneout. For i . there was but one Mediator betweene God and manwhile eXaron lived ; a type ofthat our onely Mediator betweene God and man