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iLighprie/1s apparel ,a sype ofgrill. ßz9 man jefus Chriit. 2.There were garments but for one, although theypatted from one to another as that Prieft- hooddid : So no other robe lave of this one and onely true andhighPricymutt be prefented before God ; no robe ofour owne works or merits; no robe made or woven bymen or creatures;not by Popes, Saints living or dead, or Angels. Wemull never change this garment; nor abide to fee anychallenge it but the high Prielf our Lord jefus. And hence for ever deter the wicked and abominableMa(1e, with thole facrilegious Priefts, who ururpe chere garments of le'ùs Chrifi and tell us they of- fer propitiatory facrifices for the fines of the quick and dead. The theeves that fpoilcdChritt of his garment, and divided them among themfelves, did himno such despite as these theeves doe, who rob him and difrobe him ofall his glory. I I. EveryChrit}ian is made a priefl untoGod by par- ticipation, Rev., . i o. But not legali and externall; for they weredatedby theprietihood ofChriti; : but Evan- gelicall, improper, and fpirituall. Neither to ode, reali, and externall fenfble facrifices, which all had end by Chrifls onely facrifice upon the Croffe : but fpirituall facrifices; fuch as, Calves ofthe lips, Heb. i 3. i S. The fa- crifice of a broken heart. Pfal, 5 i . 17. Of almes , with which God is well pleafed. Heba 13. 16. Of mortification. Rom. i z. i. and ofgood works and duties of all forts. Ofprayer, Pfd. 441. Z. Now before any of there facrifi- ces can findeacceptance we mull all put on holy and fpi- rituall garments. Never was any prieff or performance pleating without hisgarments; theufe of which was to cover and adorne. cQueft. What garments mutt we put on ?, Anfw. Iacobbefore hecould get his fathers bleffing mutt put onhis elder brothersgarment, Gen. 27. i S, fo mutt weput on the Lord lefiu thrift, Rom. 13. 14. &eft. -How? K Anfw, Put Vie. z. As a Prieti,of- fer fpiriruallfa- critîces. In our prieftly garments.