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¶Priefs appareil, a typeofChri/1. the pore members of the Church have a ground of much comfort; in refpet r. oftheir head fo arrayed. 2. ofthemfelves, and in refpeaofthemlèlves confi er- ing thofe garments. j. in thegenerall. 2. in theparti- culars. Firfi, in refped of our high Prieft jefus Chrii3 thus I. I" 1"i'' fo gloriouflyarrayed. T. In theEphod we feehis mighty arrayed. power, who caries his Church upon his fhoulders of power and protection. Alas ! where fhould wee lie if our Lord did not lift us up, a'-d beare us up ! But now we never need todifcourage our felves, by cafling what ¡hall become ofthe Churchor religion, if fuch and fuch projects prevaile, for Co longas we are on Chrifis fhoul- ders we are fafe. z. In the Peliorall behold theardent and furpaffing love ofJefus Chrift tohis Church. For as he caries us on his fhoulders by his power : fo he caries our names on his heart by his love. This our true high Prieft cannot forget his Saints whenhe feetnes to turne his backeon them, but Hi bath their names before his eye. And this is the happineffe ofthe Church, in which fhe may well refher felfe; that (according to her prayer Cant. 8.6.) Chrif fetteth her ou aPale on his heart, and au afsgnet on hips arme. How is it poffible to forget that which is fea'edon the heart ? How can the eye look off the fignet on the arme? For a Liner, becaufe it is moff precious, is moll carefully kept; and being upon the arm of (' hrif}, what armecan pull us offfrom him ? Objeil. Oh that! might knowmy happineffe tobee fet on Chriffs heart ! Sol. Ifthou wouldff be fet as a fgnet on the Lords arme, become the Lords fervant, and be faithfull in this fervice. See Flag. z, z3. O Zerubbabel my fervant,Imill fit thee as a fignet. 3. in his Miter wee feeourhigh Prieft crowned withhonour andglory aboveall menand Angels. And all theChurchmuff fay (as Pf4I. 132. i 8. ) On him let hid Groyne foturiß5. And ifthe dignity of the K 2 head ..vorte..7,03,....loa*.c.