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13Z z. In refpca of tlicmfelves.- Ingencrall. Pfa..çg.9. head be the honour ofthemembers, and the power of the head the fafety ofthe members : then from hence we have no fmallconfolation, 4. In his Plate wee fee holineffe ingraven on his forehead, that all our fences and thoughts mull be fixed in the forehead of our onely high Pricít, from whom all holineffe flowed' to his Church. Oh what matter ofjoy is it to fee, that we (in our fclves fo foule every way,in our nature,in our courte, & thut out ofheaven whereno unclean thingcommeth) have inhim a fountaine ofholineffe fet open for us ! For he is made to us ofGod wifdome, fang}ification, &c. Secondly, in refpea ofthemfelyes (by meanes of je- fftus Chrift) themembers of the Church thus arrayed en- joy lure and fiable confolation, For i , In generali they all affordus this comfort, that through Chria our high Prieft we are beautiful andglorious, yea our beauty is made perfec`f through hisbeauty. Pfa_.45.9, The Queen flands inmolt royail and coftly garments.Never had So- lemons Queen in all her royalty filch Tweet perfumedand precious garméts,as hath the fpoufe ofour true Solomon. For r.Thofe were provided by Solomon :Kings daughters in thypreciousgarments :butthefe provided byChria out of his wardro4,e;and will not endureanyothergarment or ornament brought or procured elfewhere. z.Thofe were materiall,gold,filver,and precious ttuffe out ofearth: but ours are fpíriruall and heavenly.What the glorious robes ofthe Church are,. fee Ifa. 6 r . t o. I mph greatly rejoyce in-the Lord; for hebath clothed"e.'ithgarmentsoffalva- tion, and coveredmewith 4 robe ofrighteoufnef fe,and deck- edme es a bride with _jewels. What is gold, filver, Like, pearles; to righreoulneftè, holineffe, life, immortality and glory ? 3... Thole were corruptible and Toone cart off : but there never wegrenor tare. For all the fonnes and daughters of God are clad with ircorruption and immortality, and are ,heires ofeternity. Now it were nofmall cpmf r ;*twe being .lfo\n. kedand foule, wal- lowing