Tailor - Houston-Packer Collection BT225 .T37 1635

ifffase 134 HighPriet.r, typesofchrft. Sin to flight them. 2. As Pomegra- n3ts. 3 As heires of the crowne of righteouCnefk. or (ands unknowen, or trampled in the dirt or mare, is as good at when it is takenout. Thou that art an enemy to good men : I. See how farce thou art from Gods judgement. 2. If thou kneweft their worth, where now thou trampleft them,thou would& take them into thyheart. 3. One day thou (halt defire their glory, but too late. I I. The robe of the Ephod bath comfort for the Poore defpifed members of Christ, whofe eítare is figu- red by the Pomegranats. Which, i. In themfelves have no great beauty without, or on the outride. 2. Their place is below, and they hang in the skirt of the garment : But within, I. They carry the colour of blood, arc wafhed in the blood ofChrift. z. They are full of excellent juyce and liquor, of graceand pie- tie. 3. They call a Tweet finell from them, and leave a pleafant favour behind them : And therefore Chrift fattens them to himfelfe infcparably, as the Pomegra- nats were fattened to the highPriefts garmenr. Be thou a fruitfullChriftian, no matter what place thouart in, or in what account among men : Our high Prieft bathufe of thee, and mutt not goe into the Sanctuaryof heaven without thee, though thou han3eft in the skirt of his garment. I i I. TheMiter or crowneofour high Prieft affureth us,that we by his anointing (hall attaine the like crowne. For beebath troden all our enemies not onely underhis feet, but under ours alto, Rom. 16. _o. Let us not caft downe our hopes andhearts ; our highPrie is ftronger then all the enemies that can rife up againft the Church. And we may couragioufty combat againft finne, errours, hereticks, being lure of' vic4ory through the Crowne and Miter ofjefus Chrift. This Miter of Christ (hall fetch downe the Miter of Antichrift for us. This Crowne ofour highPrieft (hall (hake downe his tripple Crowne, and bath already blafted him. A n.i though thefe