Tailor - Houston-Packer Collection BT225 .T37 1635

High Pries, types of Chrft. 135 thefe Babylonians begin to wriggle, as a fnakedeadly wounded, with hope to`'raigne in thefe Churches as fornetime they did ; and for the finnes ofthe land, they may recover power by their craftincffe to furprize forme ignorant, filly, and unfableperfons : yet (hail they pre- vaile againfl nonewhole names arewritten in the booke of life; but by the power of our Captaine wee (hall tread downe bothSatans and Antichritls kingdorne,and prevaile againft all that rifeth up againa the power of Chrif . See, VI. Priefts, types in theexecution oftheir Office. Having declared how the high Prief}, and priefts of the old Teftament refembled our high Priefl ofthe new Teflament Jefus Chriff in refpe& of his folemne Matsu. ration and invefliture intohis Othce: Now wed are to thew how he farther typified our Lord, in refpect ofhis admini_fration and execution ofir. Many are the fpeci- all Lawes which the Lord gave to the I'riefts concer- ning their careful' cariage of' themfelves above others, and thefe maybe reduced to twoheads. z. As concer- ningtheir common anions. z. As concerning their ani- ons miniferiall. Concerninig hiscommon anions, hoewas prohibited diverfe things whichwere lawfull in other men. Iwill mention three. I. The Friel?' muff keepe an holy abflinence from wine and rong drinke, for the time they entred,into the 1 Tabernacle , Levit, io. 9. a Law was made for all the Priefts,. upon occafion of Nadabs and Abihaes punì(h. É ment ; whobeing (as it feerne) drunke, offered_grange 6 fire, and were burnt by fire before the Lord. i nd the fLord gives a reafon of this law : left their mindesor fences might be diftraned or difturbed, fo as they could jnot rightly difcerne or execute, the things pertaineni to K 4 God, Common aEìi- ons of the Pricks : 3. 1. Ahí}inence from wine and rirong drinke.