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136 High Priefts, types ofCurift. 7tC may; ñuás. The life of this law. Prou.3 r .6. . Intemperance in Miniílers very hurtftill. Prou:.3t.t. God, rind' things :pertaining -to men, Heb. S. The ufeof the Lawwas i. Typicald, fhadowing out themoft holy and fober courfe of our high Priefl jefus Chrift, whowas never unready or unfit for any part of his Of- flee; but in all perfeUion of judgement and under-flan- ding faithfully performed and fulfilled all righteoufnefTe. 2. Perpetsall, carrying in it a perpetual) equity for all Chriflian Paffors; arid Miniflers,who mua ufe fuck crea- tures and liberties fparingly, as they helpe their naturali infi'rnities by them, and helpe themfelves forward in the exercifeof' prayer, fludy, preaching, and other Mi- nifieriall duties ; but not to dull, or tomake themfelves groffe or diflernpered by them. And hence is the fame law repeated in thenew Teflament,Tit.t .7. A Minitier mull not bee a lover of wine : Not inhibiting all ufe of wine and thong drinke in cafe ofneceffity ; as in griefe of heart, or for healthy fake, Timothymay drinke a little, r .Tim, s.a 3 ; yea and for honefl delight at Feafis and Mariages may bee a more liberali ufeofwine, as John z. where Chrift himfelfe was prefenc. But hee may not be a quaffer, or wine - bibber, one that fitsat the wine or pot, (willing in wine or firorig drinke ; becaufe this is, as great an hindrance to the faithful) performance of Mï-' nifIcriall duties, as may bee. For, T. It troubles the underflanding,Hof. 4. 1 r , wine takes away he heart : l t diflurbs the memory; leg he drink! 4ndforget thedecree,' and change the judgement, not being able to difcernebe tweene cleane anduncleane. 2. It difables and with- drawes aMinifier from all his duties. Whilehee fits at the wine or flrong drinke, how canhee fit at his fludy? How can he attend to reading, meditation, to exhorta- tion, or do&tine ? How can hee but bee diflurbed.from 'ardencyof prayer? Or howdare he (ifhe could ) pray? How can bee keepe watch withGod, or over his peo- ple, or over himfelfe ? 3. It difables theduties them- felves, fuppofe themdone never fo well; fetingby chic ice