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NighPrie /If, types ofClri f1 vicehe bath madehimfelfe and his calling focontempti- ble. What authority can an Oracle have in a drunken mansmouth, which cannotbut ufe tojpeo.ke lend things? 4. How cart fuch a mans courfebut wage open warre with holy doctrine ? He muff needs (hake hands with as bale and wicked company, as a countrey yeelds ; and give hie hand to [corners. Wine is a mocker, and ac- quaints a man with mockers ofGod, and of all good things, and all goodmen. He mutt needs be anenemy to all that are not ofhis owne flraine ; to all that call men to fobriety and temperate courtes, and (corne them as toopure and precife. Hence (hail a godly carefull prea- cher have all inch Miniflers in a countrey at warre with him. A man being once warmed with ftrongdrinke, howmany things breake from him in his fpeaches, in his actions, unfcemely, unávoury, and difgracefull to his profefion ? Thete things being fo, weecannot but la- ment that this finne is fo much crept into theMiniflery; even in all parts ofthe Chrifoan world. Alas that the flewards of Gods houfe fhould fit with drunk, rds, and drinke and bee drunken, Lul,e 1145 ! Drunkenneffe was wont ,o fly the light, they ufe to bee drunke in the night ; and fhould the lights themfelves be drunkards or affociats with them, and in the light? i f. A fecond Law for the common anionsof the Priefts concerneth their mariage. God lothnot forbid any Prieft in the old Teflament mariage, but onely orders it For the holy, modeft,and grave cariageof it in this fort . ofmen above all other. And therefore the Lawof God forbids his mariage with three forts of women, Levit. 2T,14. T. Hee mutt not mary a widow, left r . Slice might prove withchilde, andbring in a ftrange feed into the Prieflhood, provided againft, verfe r g. 2. Left fet- led floutneffe, or evil( dilpotLion (houldhinder her fit- net 'e for him, who mull not bedifgraced inone fo neere him. a. Hee mutt not mary a divorcedWoman, that bath 147 Prov.73.33 Hof. 7a. 2. Minifiers mar- rrge, how or- d.red. Whom they may not mary.