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28 And whom they may. Typicall use of this ordinance. High Priefis, types of Chri/t. bath beene put away fromher husband, becaufe it may bepprefumed the was put away for her rnisbehaviour,or badd cariage towards her former husband. 3. He mutt not mary one defiledneither voluntarily or violent- ly ; fuch a blot mua not lie on his wife, left his funéhon be difgraced. But the law allowes him onely two forts ofwomen to mary, i. Amstsd,or virgin,verf. i 3 ; be- caufe thee maybee more eafity guided and ruled, and Wonne to frameher felfe to duty and obedience; and the muff bee of his owne tribeor ftocke, both for the credit ofherparentage; and for the certaine knowledge ofher education andmanners before bee tookeher tohimfelfe. 2. The widow of a Prieft, Ezech.44.22. For it is pre- fumed that fuch a one hath beenealready trained to mo- deity, to fobriety, to a chaff and fweet behaviour befee- ming the wifeofa Prieft. This Law is both ceremonial!and fignificative, as allo hath in it a perpetuall trueth and equity. In the former ufc it bath an eye unto Chrifts mariage with his wife the Church. Our high Prieft marieth not any harlot, or polluted Synagogue, defiledwith Idolatry, which is fpirituall fornication, and going anwhoring fromGod, doting upon idols, merits, other Mediators : Neither with a divorcedwoman, fuch as is the synagogue of the jewes, as now they are in theEaft ; and the Synagogues of Satan and Antichrist, as now they are in the Weft, frnce their Tridentine apoftafie and Anathematizing the doarine of Christ ; to bothwhom God bath given a bill ofdivorce. Christ our high Priest is not married to either, howfoever the Church of Romepretend a mar- riage withhim, and thewus their Baptifine, and Lords Supper as the ring and confirmation of their marriage. But glee know it will neither make her an bonest wo- man,nor provehernow alawful! wife to Phew her mar- riage ring, who having plaid falle with her husband, is now long finedivorced from him. jefus Chri-ft marri- eth