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HighPrie/1S,tYpeSofGhee. eth avirginchaji and undeftled,that is, holy andunfpotted by imputation of his owne righteoufneffe, and walked z Corr t.s. by water throttgb theword,Eph. 5.26, He marrieth her of his owne tribe : For as the firft Adam muff not marry a wife but ofhis owne flefh, and out of his owne fide : fo the fecondAdammarryeth a wife Kling out of his owne fide,flefh of his owne fl.efh,and bone ofhis bone. And he will take to himfelfe againe the high Priefts widdow, the people ofthe Jews, andmarry them into one body with the Gentiles. So much for the fignifi- cation. Now the perpetuall equity of this Law bindes the I Perpetuall. Minifters ofthenew Tef}ament; who are not prohibited marriage by theScripture, no more then the Priefts of theold Teftament: But for the honour and credit of this Minifters mar- office and funcetion care muff be had, that their wives riage,lawfull. efpecially behone,fober, freefromfcand. ll, and framed to the rules ofthe Apoflle for Minifters wives, a Tim.3. i t.and for the preventing a numberof [caudal s that elfe may arife within,and lye upon his family.This carebeing had, they beingmarried (hall be as holy and honourable in their fundion as the Priefts ofthe old Teftament who beingmarryed, were laid to have theCrowne of God upon their heads, and to offer the bread of God, and to be after a fpeciall manner, holy. But how de- tellable is that filthy whore of Rome, whofe filthy virainpriefts hatemarriage but not luft rerufe Gods owne ordinance, and honett wives oftheir owne, and like fed hortès neigh after their neighbours wives, and cover the countrey with a baftardly broode; andhold in their do&rive, better they fhould have an hundred Concubines then one married wife,and in their praaife adjudge married minif}ers to death , but adulterous priefts to a light penance, and that bought out with a trifle or word of a friend. One Ilory is memorableout Ease. Deaths ofthe booke ofthe Aar ofthe Romano Bifhops: when the Romano';um Kings 4- Apinft che praaii of Romaniíls$ Pontificilm.