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140 High reff, types ofChrill. .__.nasimu=s. 1. Mourning for thedead. Kings vifiters inEngland, in theyeare 15 38, vifited the Abbyes, they found in íbrze of their ftyes rather then religious houfes, five, in Come ten, in force twenty Sodomits and adulterers,ofwhich Come kept five, Come tèven, forme twenty harlots. So Gregory the firlt,en;oy- ning tingle life to the Clergy, fent for f ih tohis ponds, and had fixe thoufandheads;wherupon(fighing)he laid, It is better to marry, then to borne. Bede denyes the ffory,although ofHuldericus BithopofAuguffa to pope Nicholas. II i. A third Law for commonaaions. He muff be very moderate inmourning forthe dead.Lev.za.2.3. the ordinary prieft muff mourne, onely for his mother, father, Tonne, daughter, brother, orhis Bier (ifa maid) becaufe thewas yet is thehoule and family; but without the family hemight not lament for any, no not for the prince, ver.4. Jueff. Might he not mourne for his wife ? For force thinke not, becaufe the is nornamed, neither in that Law,nor in the repetitionofit, Ezech.44.2 S-. Anfw. I thinkehe might : But the wife is not na- med, becaufe I. the is one with himfelfe , z. if for daughterand lifter, much more for wife which is nea- rer, 3. the Prophet Ezec,hiel was chargednot to mourne for his wife, being a Prophet andprieff, Ezech. zq.16: which feemes an exception from theordinary manner. Bur for the high `Friefl, he might not mourne for anyof themnamed, neither (in likelyhood) for his wife; nor uncoverhis head; nor rent his clothes, nor goe to any deadbody, nor goout oftheSantuary, for thecrowne of the anoynting o_yle ofhis God is upon hw head. This Law had in it both ceremony, and perpetuity in fubffance ofit. In the ceremony, the Prieft might not mourne for the dead, T. Becaufe mourning for the dead was counted a Legali uncleanne4fc,ver. i I. 2 .The oyle ofholy oyntment was upon his head, beingoyle of Whether for the Wife. Levit,zt.iz. Ceremonial! ufe hereof. ,