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HighPrfeflr, types ofChrifl. 141 of gladneí%. 3. They muff bee contrary to the . foolifh manner and fafbionof thePriefts and peopleof theGentiles, who were fo patfronate and exceffive in their affe-`fed and fonaetimes forced mourning, as they fell into indecent and unlimited behaviours. 4. Z he Prieff, and efpecially the high Prieft, was tobe a type of eternity', and therefore muít (how no fuch figne of weakeneffe andcorruption, as weeping is. Hence it is, that wee read not of the death ofan highPrieti, but ever before his death another was appointed and in- flailed. So before,4aroks dyed,Eleater was inllalled and before his deathwas 'phinehks, Numb, to.28,Hence Numb.2 ;.3 it is, that wee read not of their raignes and times, haw longor (hort any of them lived, as of the judges and Kings ; which clofelynoteth and implyerh unto us, that they were typesofeternity and immortality, 5. In the ceremony this Law bath a fpeciall ayme and refpea to jefus Chrif our high Prieft, in whomwas nobfot,no fpot, ormorall pollution , as that high Priefi: molt care- fully was refrained from every Legali pollution. He wept indeed fundry times for the dead, as for Lstz4rats &c.becaufe he was to abolifh the Legali ceremonies,and this amongother. It being in him fufficient that molt perfealy hepreferved himfelfe from moral] pollution: In which fence he never uncovered his head, that is, was never fo weake or inglorious by pafíion, but that he ever maintained unionwithhis father, and abode thepower- full head of his Church. Neither did he rent hisgele- ments,that is, his holy flehh baked as it were in the oven ofaffliaions, extended and rent on the croffe, caft afide in the grave, was never rent off fromhis divinity, but was ever from the fira moment of Hypottaticall union, prefent with it, and (hail be for all eternity. He never goes out of' the San6tuary to mourne for thedead, for the crowne andoyle ofGod is uponhim. For as inhis life he(being moll holy) was not fubjeft tobe quite Cub- clued