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Pries adionl.r, a type ofChrig. 47 eye on no other Mediatonr but him, s Tina. 2, S I V. He mull continually decide the highe& contro- Continually. verlies; he mutt judge betweene the cleane and unclean; hemutt excommunicate theoneout of the congregati- on, and receive in the other when hewas legally clean- fed. Signifying Chrift,who in theChurch and Scriptures is the fupreame Judge ofall controverfies. It is his word alonecanbindeor loofe ju&ifie or condemne. Accord- ing tohis direEtion ()Minute perfons are to be caft out, and penitent offendors received in. M Pharaoh to Io- feph, foGod toChri& : Without thee fhallno man lift up hiahand orfoot in all the landofc,sEgypt. 9 e 41.44 - I. Minihers of thenewTeftarnent muft learne hence Vf® for mini- toattend diligently on their charges ; and know, that ital. the fubflanceofall thefe duties lyeth as heavy on their (boulders, as upon thofe Pries of the old Teltament. Everyconfcionable Minifter is bound. r . To prepare facrifices to the Lord. In the oldLaw the Prieft prefent- ed dead facrifices : but wemuft offer livingones. They dead beafts : but we living men,quickened by faith,alive by the Spirit of God,holy and acceptable. They exter- nail and unreafonable : we reafonable andfpirituall, fuch Rom.zz.r as God (who is a Spirit) mayaccept and delight in. They muff fiat kill and then facrifice : fo we can never prerent any man anacceptable facrifice, without killing his fin. As the poore beaft muft be killed, and cut in pieces, and then offered : fo we mutt by the fharpe knife oftheLaw (urging repentance and mortification) cut afunder the heart-firings of(inne, mangle the body offinne, and let out the life-blood ofmans lufts andcorruptions. Andas they having flaine thebeaft muft wafh the entraile,burne the fat, calf the filth and dung into the place ofafhes : fo theMinifter after his labour inmortifying tinge, mull bringmen to the lavour offanetification, feparate them from their fouleneffe, and bring them to fall holineffe in the feareofGod. s. ThePrief3/4 muff preferveknow- L 1 ledge