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High Trials,ope.r ofChrifl. I I. Every Chriliian as a Pried unto God mull I. Daily labour in his ownemortification :. Every day kill force beaff or other, force luff or other that as wilde beans are untamed anddangerous to the foule. 2. Morning and eveningdreffe his lights, and looke to the clearing ofhis lamps fettinghitnfelfe a tasks ofdai- ly reading theScriptures for the clearing ofhis judge- ment, and the informingofhisminde, andfor the refor- mingof his heart and life, that beemay (nine every day more clearly then other in holy converfation. ,. Eve- ry day burne incenfe before the Lord, upon the Altar of fweet perfume both,morning and evening. Every Chri- (Han, morning andevening muLi offer updayly prayers and praifes as a fweet finell unto God. That as the fmoke offweet incenfe goeth upward anddifperfeth it felfe abroad in the aire: fo the incenfe ofprayerafcen- ding may difperfe it felfe abroad for the benefit of the perfon, family, Church, at home and abroad. What elfe calls the Apofile for, faying : Pray contins:gally, in 411 things give thanks, but that the Lord fhould fmell the fweetodours of our morning andevening prayer, efpe- cially whenwee rife and goe to ref} ? How thisduty is negleted, and with manife{f contemptand lofiè, every mans confcience can tell him. Now in offering this in-. cenfe, f. See no firange incenfe be offered, that is, no prayer without faith. 2. None but upon the Altar of incenfe, nonebut in the Name of' Chrifl. 4. Every weeke on the Sabbath day (as the Prief}s in the Law ) provide himfelfe of' Phew-bread, to ferve for his provi- fion all the weeke, that is, make fuch confcionable ure of the holy Minifkery,` as hee maypreferve life of grace, and E}rength ofgrace, which falls to confumption in the foule except it be continually repayred, even as the böc'i` waf}eth without naturali food. S. Every yeare fet apart a dayofexpiation, tomake anatonement for him- felfe, for his houfe, and all the people. This proportion L 3 fhewes Pfe For the people. i .Thefl:s;