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15 ._.r.._.,._._ Reafons for a yearely fail. Nazarites, types ofChrI1. fhewes it not amiffe onte a yeare toPet apart a dayofhu- 'iniliation in ferions faring and prayer, to make atone- ment for our owne and others Pinnes. The equity of which feemes not onely grounded in that Law, Levit. 16. ze. which enjoines the Jewa yearly ftanding faft, wherein once a yeare every foule fhould humble it felfe with fatting before the Lord in one of the great aWem- blies ; and Chap. 13. 17. bindes all unto it : But all() in good reafon, feeing a yeares fpace might bring about many juft occafions, 1. Many tannes might bee com- mitted to provoke the Lord, z. Many judgements let in, or to bee let in for thofe finnes, 3. Many mercies wanting, which by ours and others firmes wee are wor- thily deprivedof. And although weought continually tohumble our felves for our Pinnes ; yet to helpe our in- firmities, and todoe it throughly, it {hall availe us much, to let a fpeciall time apart for it,as fuch who out offound judgement efteeme we have futficient caufe once ayeare thus deepely tohumble our felves. For howfoever the Jews had daily expiatory facrifices, yet the Lord held it not fuperfinous to appoint them betides one Pet and fo- lemme day ofexpiation. Sois it no leffe needful! for any Chriftian ( notwithf}anding his dailyhumiliation) to helpehimfelfe in his repentance by one day in a yeare at left, ofmore folemne expiation. Nazar its,types of c 11 S, vvayes. CHAP. XV. Nazarites types of Chr. THe third order, or ranke of holy perfons types of Chrift are the Nazarites, who were fanftified by vow or fpeciall profeflion ; and not obfcurely fhadow gingJefus Chrif}-the onely trueand perfect.Nazarite. For, i. The