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Nazarites, types of are. I. The name Nazarite by which Chrifl mull bee (according to theancient prophecies)called,ATatt.2.23. and in contempt was by the Jewes fo Bed in the fiiper- fcription of' the Croffe ) fgnifieth one Ceparatedand let apart from others ; and is afcribed to three forts ofmen, tlfually let above others. z. To fuch as are fet apart for Cngular fanc`limony, as thehigh PriefR, wholecrowne offanaification on his head is called Nezer, exod.,z9.6. z. To fuch as in dignity and authority are feparated fromothers ; as Kings, whofe royall crowneor diademe is called Nezer, 2..Sam, I .10. I toola the crowne that was upon his head. 3. To fuchas were feparated by fome religious vow, as to this orderof the Nazarites; whofe haire increafing on their heads, as an externall figne of their vow, was called Nezer, Numb. 6.18. By which order the Lord would have the eminent fanc`lvity of je- fus Chrif} to bee typified, as well as his fàcrifice and kinglyOfficeby Prief.is and Kings. Hee was indeed the onely true Nazarite feparated from finner.r, holy, harme- leffe, and trndtfiled,Heb.7.26. For, i. His profeffian was, I am not of this world, Ioh. 8.2.3. 2. He is called ( 2)&1.9.24.) the holy of holier, or the molt Holy (a title never afcribed to the moll holy perlons on earthby re- femblance :) Foras theholy ofholies (a type ofChrif) was feparated from the refs: of theTabernacle andTem- ple, and excelled both theouter and inner Court inholi- neffe : Sojefus Chrifa furpaffed not onelycommon men but theholieft of men, as farre as the fan£tum fanllarum excelled both the fat:Eton and atrium. Hisdivine ho- ' lineffe farre excelled themolt pure Nazarites, whoyet areaid(Lam.4.7. ) tobee purer then thefnow, andwhi- ter then themile. 3. He was not ofunholymade holy as they, buthee was alwayes holy and without all haine offinne,from the firff moment for ever: That holy thing which is conceived in her is of i he holy Ghof xi , 011att. I.zo. 4. His holinef c was not from any other, but and L 4 from 151 Separate, or let apart 3. wayes. Chrift eminent for fanEtity,in 6.refpeets.