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158 Nazarites, types of and confcience.Men deceive themselvesthat think there bee no Iltdents but thole whole profeffion is learning, contrary toUfa i .and Ich.5.39. I I I. Hemat avoid intemperance, furfetting,drun- kenneffe, firongly watch andward againf} naturali de- fires, againf} the allurings andbaits offinne, remoove impediments offaith andgodlinef e, f}rivebothagainf} inward corruptionsandoutwardoccafions. How many ofmuch hope, by the immoderate delires and use of these outward things have beforted themselves i' It is to be doubted that the delicacyof this ageaffords but a few Nazarites. I V. He mufk refiraine his pa(fions and affeaions in theufeofevery thingabout him; ufe every thing wea- nedly, as not using it; not fuffering any thing to Beale our hearts fromus, for then wee can hardly moderate our felves in the parting from it. Nazarites in all changes muf}be unchangeable in their profeftion: fo mull Chrifli- anNazarites. V. When he hathdone all in his generali vow and courreofholineflfe, he muff retaine humility, bewaile his wants, conferfe how unprofitable he is in his fervice. The Nazarite that had gone through his vow in the bell manner, in giving it up mull bring a burnt offering and a peace offering ; conferling his wants, and craving acceptance : fo mull wee in our bell firifeand indea- vours, prefent our duty with that burnt offering and peaceoffering made byjefus Chrifi ; and in that onely feeke and findacceptance. C1IAP.!