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Cleane perfons, typer ofChrifi. CHAP. XV1. Cleaneperlons : Types ofChrJ. erHe fourth ranke of holy perlons pointing us unto Chrift, were fuch perlons as were cleanfed from a- ny legali uncleaneneffe The perfons legally uncleane were offeverall forts, and every fort had his feveral fort ofcleanfng, all of them looking towards and leading us to Ielus Chrif}. To give fome taft in fome particulars. Le. gall uncleanenefffe was caufed. i. from without, by touching or tatting. 2. fromwithin, as unclean iflites. 3. fromwithin andwithout, as Leprofie. Order requi- reth that we fhould fpeake, I. of the feverall unclean- neffes. II. ofthe feverall cleanfings. Sets. 1. I. The kindes of legali uncleaneneffewere three : L Thefirft kinde oflegali uncleanenefle was by eate- ing or touching anyuncleane meat or creature, Lev.' r . and 28. ,.u. Howdid the creatures become uncleane, which God admade good. 'Inf. TheLaw of diftin&ionofmeats was not there- fore ordained becaufe thole creatures were evil[ in their nature (for God lawall his workes very good) but pro- hibited onely in their ufe. ' Neither doth the Lord pro- nounce themuncleane by their creation, but by a tempo- rary inftitutionwhich reftrained their ufeand touch. Objet.. It feemes theywere fo by creation : for be- fore the ceremoniallyLaw, there was a dii}inetion of cleanand (ncleane inNoah; time, Gen. 7. 2. 159 Cleanfüaa the uncleane a type ofChofi. 3. Sorts ofun- cleanneile. I. By meats or creatures that were uncleane. Whence this uncicannef e. anfw.