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160 When it hewn How it could be. Mcates why prohibited. Ce4nßngtheunclean,a typeofChri/1, e4nfw, It was before thewritingof the ceremoniall Law, but not before the beingof ir, it being delivered to Adamand his poilerity by Gods lively voice. Betides, by that institution they were forbidden onely for facri- fice : but by this forbidden for common ufe and food, yet gill cleane in their ownenature. ftneß. ' But how can thefecreatures defile a man, and that ofour Saviour be true, c.'at. r 5.1 1. That whichgo- eth into the month, deileth not the man ? Anfw. Now under the Gofpell whatfoever goeth in- to themouthdefilethnor, in refpeaoflawfull and limi- ted ufe : And under the1.aw it was not the creature that defiled; but the tranfgreffion ofGods inftitution in it. In the beginning Godpermitted all other trees to Adam, onely refirained him in the tree ofknowledge of good and evill; which therefore ceafed not to bee good ofit felfe, but became evill in Adams ufe, becaure of the com- mandement : not the apple, not theeating were in them- felves defilements, but finfull eating againft the comman- dement. Q eft. But what ends or reafons were thereof this prohibition ofineates ? Anjw. Very many. r. To thew the Lords love- rainty ever his creature',who bath liberty to permit or forbid any creature at his pleafure without impeach- ment ofhimfelfe or the creature, heemay doe withhis owne as he will. z. To teach all perlons to depend on God and his word ofallowance for and in the ufe of all things, even for meats, anddrinks, and all comforts ; teeing man liveth not by bread, but by every word of God. 3. To traine uphis people in temperance and o- bedience by reftraining them fo manycreatures in earth, ayre,and fea,as good as any other. 4. That his people might profeffe opendeteflationofthe heathenifh fuper- ilition about them. The /Egyptians took for gods,oxen, Cheep, goates, doves : Godwill have his people facri- fice