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Q Cleane perfons, types ofChr /. Ì fice thefe to his fervice, and eate thofe creatures which they (out of heathenifh fuperftition) might not touch. The heathensufed to oft",:r many kindes ofbeafls to the Moone the QBeene of heaven, and to Bacchus : God will havehis people detefl both in facrifice and mate thofewhich they fo offered ; all to íhew how contrary we ought to bee to Idolaters in whatfoever wee may. 5. Todi[linguifn that people of God from all the nati- ons;God efteeming them byhis grace in the Mefíials a cleanepeople and all other uncleane. And this was a wall ofpartitionbetween Iewes and Gentiles till Chrift by rending thevaile brake it downe alto, as inPeters vifion, A7. i o. i S. 6. TheLord by this difference ofbeafts would have them conceive a difference ofperlons fha- dowed thereby; ofwhom famearecleane, Tomeunclean; the former being dal are cleanfed by faith from their pollutionoffinne, theother remaine foule and filthy ílill. ()ueff. How (hall we know thecleane from the un- cleane ? flnfiv. a . The cleane areknowne by the twocommon Marke,of markes ofcleane beafts, Lev. i i. 3. r. They divide cleane beams. the hoofe; that is, rightly diflingaifli of things, between nature andgrace, between Mofes and Chrift, betweene the lawandGofpell, truth and falfhood. They will not receive things in groffe, and hand over head; but being irituaK difterne all thixcgs, i Cor. a. 15. 2. They chew the cud, that is, after hearing and reading the word, they meditate, ponder, apply, and digefi it : as Mary laid upthe words inher heart,Luk;2.t 9. 2. The uncleane are knowne by force naughty and uncleane pro- perty. Some like thedogs that prophane the rnoif holy things; barke againft the word and preachers of it ; ne- verchew the cud nor digefl the word. Some like the fwine (2 Pet, 2.) having their mouthes alwayes rooting in the earth, cannot lookup towards heaven; all for their belly; good for nothingbut theknits : neither for plough, M nor