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Cleaneperfons, typet ofChrifi. 169 be truely humbled and prepared for Chrif}, nor canex- pert a goodef}ate in him, whofedaily corrupt iflues from an overflowing fountaine make him not feeme marvelous filthy and uncleane in his owne eyes. I. What is the reafon that fo many doPharifaically pride themfelves, ifnot in the gpodneffe of their per- fons, yet in forme blinde hopes and prefumptions that they be not fo bad as theyare, oras fome others be but becaufe theynever faw themfelves in this glaffe; which onely lets a man feehimfelfe a maffeoffinne, a lumpof unclemneffe and that no good thing is in his nature, which inno part is free from the running iffues of that feftred and inbred finne ? z. Why do manydoat up- on their owne worksandTightly aftions; either to Po- pifh.confidence in them as meritorious, orat leaf} (with many l'roteftants) to ref} in the civility andmorality of them; without farther purfuit ofthe power of religion: but that they fee notthat fo evill trees cannot fend forth any good fruit, nor fo bitter fcuntaines any fweet wa- ter?which could theybut difcerne, they would be wea- ry ofthebelt of their righteoufiìeffe , and cart it away (withPaul) as dung; and conclude that when Aloes and wormewoodyeeld a fweet rafle, then might their fruits be fweet and taf}efiull toGod and themfelves. 3. Why do fomany thoufands conteft against grace, fland upon their honefty,good neighbourhood,hofpitality, charity;. they thanke God they are no blafphemers, no drun- kards, adulterers, murderers ; they wafii the outfide, come toChurch, heare fermons, are outwardly cleane and formali ; noman can challenge them, no nor they themfelves? but becaufe theynever law the infectionof their Coates , nor the inordinacy of their inner man, which is a fountaine ever overflowing all the bankes : rnoft dangerous, molt feeret : hardeft to findour, and hardeft to cure, and this deceives thoufands in their reckonings. 4. Why is the righteoufneffeof faith in the