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ila Cleaneperfons,t,perofChri/1. Good to rice and know our filrhineil'c,by firme. the bloodofChritl: fo much undervalued and men fo hardly driven out ofthemíelves to feeke righteoufnefï'e'. by him ? But becaufe they fee not their owne unclean- nefl'e,aud therein their hatefull eflate before God untill Chrift the high Priefi have made atonement for them. For as that man who (being rick to death) feeles not his fickneífe, nor difcerns the depth and dangers of it, feekes not greatly after the Phyfitian , he applyes either no means, or fotne idle and impertinent things to linall purpofe : fo he that fees not the mifery ofhis difeafe of finne, fees not the need of Chrifl, negle s the right meanes, and contentedlydeludes hirnfeltè, running any whither but to the right remedy. It is fit and fruitful to looke a little neerer this difeafe ofnature, that we maynot onely makeconfcience ofthe fouleneffeofnature, but be thruff out ofourfèlves to the meanes of our cleanfing : Confidèring r . That this uncleane ifliite (which the legali ifiùes poynt usunto) is a finne againff the whole Law ofGod in all branches ofit, whereas other fines are again([ one ofthe Tables, and one ofthe Commandements. 2. This poyfon ofna- ture is the fame in all men, that all may be humbled who are borne children of the devil], enemies to rightecuf- neffe, all ofus being in ourverybirth formes of death : for inefd tm all are dead. And as an image of rotten wood muff needs be rotten : fowee, hewne out of fo rotten a flocke. Who is it that is not a Leper from the wombe ? Let any man thrufi his hand into hisbofome,as Mofes did, Exod. 46. and he [hall pull it out againe le- prous, and as white as fiww. Every man hath caufe to cry with the Leper , I are vncleane, lam uncleane. Zhe fpawne of a Serpent are Serpents ; and what are wee but the fpawne, the .feed ofAdam ? 3. This Iffue is a generali diforder of the whole man, and ofall parts. Neither is bodily leprofie more generali anduniverfally fpread over all the members, then finrc in the foule, which