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Ckane perfons, types ofChrift. chis2 thepurifying oftheßefb : how match more fhall the blood of Chrift purgeyorareonfcience from dead worker; wherein he not onely compareth but infinitely advan- DifFerence. ceth the truthabove the type. For i. that was fyrn- bolicall and figurative : this fpirituall and fubflantiall. z. that was externall and temporary : this internall and eternal!. 3. that onely a purifying of theflefh : this of theSpirit andconfcience. 4. that cleanfed from legali and bodily pollution : this from morali, called dead3'orks Dead workes, t. becaufe they proceed fromdeathoffinne. 2. becaufe why. they lead to eternall death. For the explaining of this ordinance confider foure things. i . whence the Cowmuff be. z. the proper- ties or qualities. 3. thea6lions about her. 4. theufe and end of it. i I. All the congregationmull bring an heifer toAlo- /et out oftheheard, i . All the congregation, for not one in the congregation but needs a meanes of purging. 2. Thismeanes muff be a Cow,not anOxe or Bull. The imbecillityofthe fexe noteth the great humility ofour Lord jefus; whobeing the mighty Lion of the tribe of ,Judah, would fo abafe and weaken himfelfe for our fakes. 3. They mull take her from the heard : fo our cleanfer mullbe taken fromamongour felves,being true and perfe&man, taking our nature and our flefh, yea ourinfirmities as the weak fexe importeth, in all things fave finne like unto us. 2. I I. The properties required in this Cow are foure. i . She mull be an heifer, in her youth and frrength : Chrift offers himfelfe,and muff be taken for a facrifice in the flower ofhis flrength, at threeand thirty yeares. He offershis bell gifts, anddyes in his firength, and fo his offering was more free and acceptable. And wee all© should offerupour youth, flrength, bell times and gifts to jefus Chrift, who offered himfelfe in his bell frrength. 1 todeath forus. 2. The Cowmuff be red Signifying r. the