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1 .0.4.1%, Clean perlons, types ofChrifi. r. the truth ofChritts humane nature, beingofthe fame red earth that the firft Adana body was. 2. the grie- voufneffe of finnewhich he was to undertake, and the fcarlet ttaine of it. 3. the bitter and bloody paffionof ¡fay 1.18. Chrift, and his cruell death. The red skin of the Cow Ifa.63.t. refembled the red garments ofChrift all befprinkled : s. With his owneblood. 2. with the blood ofhis con- quered enemies. 3. prefentedunto his father, like the coat of Iofeph, all ffained with blood. 3. The Cow twin} be without fpot or blemifh : to lignifie thepurity ofour Lord Iefus, in whom wasnever any fpot or l aine offinne. Though he was contented to be counteda fin- ner, yet he was no tanner : And though he had finne on himfelfe, he had none in himfelfe : as the Cowwas slain for fin, not being fi Mull. Chrift was ruddy through his paffion, yet molt white and fpotleffe by his molt perfect cant.sro. and abfolute righteoufi:efl'e. She mutt bewithout yoke, on which never yokecame : fignifying, i . that Chrift (notneceífarily, but) voluntarily tookeour nature, that he might free as fromour yoke. 2. his abfolute free- dome from all the yoke offinne, farther then he volun- tarilyundertooke theburthen ofit. 3. that he was ne- der fubjeet to the yoke of humane precepts and corn- e mandement, being the Law-giver to prefcribe Lawes to all, not to receive Lawes from any. 4. that none could compell him to fufl'er for finne, but his whole obedience activeand paffive, was a freewill offering, hee having power to lay downehis life, and to take it up againe. 5. he was more free from theyoke thenany red heifer couldbe. She indeed rnufl be free in her felfe : he not onely free in himfelfe,but he mutt free all beleevers from ,1 the yoke; whom the fonne fits free, they are free in- deed. I I I. The actions about the Cow were five, ver. s. 1. Action. r The congregationmutt deliver the Cow tobe faine : fo wasChrift delivered tobe Elaine by the N whole