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1"73 Cleane perfons, types ofChri. wholebodyofthe Iews. 2. She nzuil not be delivered to Aaron but to Eleazerhis fiicceflòr : fignifyiñg that the deathofChrift fervenh all the fucceffons and ages ofthe Church, and mutt be taught by the minifiers ofall ages. z. Action. She mull be led out of the Camp, and there burnt whole to ashes; her skin, flesh, blood, and dung, ver. g. Signifying i . that Christ muff be led out of thegateoflerufalcm to igffer, Heb. 13. and there z. mutt be crucified, by which he was made a whole burnt offering. 3. that whole Chrift is our comfort,his flesh our meare, hisbloodour drinke, yea the very bale dung ofthofe contumelies call upon him were a part of his fa- orifice off: red up in the fire ofhis pailìon for us,to fwee- ten and fantifie ours. 3. Anion. Eleazer mutt take oftheblood with his finger, and sprinkle towards the forefideofthe Tabernacle of the affembly leven times, ver. 4. Signifying r. the purgingof us by the blood ofChrift fprinkledon the confcience. z. that Chrifts death profits none to whom it is not fpecially applyed for the Cowes blood nauft be not flied onely,but fprink- led. 3. that onely the peopleandcongregation ofCod have benefit of the death and blood ofChrìft,for it was, fprinklt:d direnlybefore the Tabernacle. 4. the (even times fprinitlïngnoteth i that that one oblation hath venue andmerit enough. z. the perfeetion of jcaftifi-- cation. 3. the need of often application ofChrifts death. 4-_ the duration ofit to all ages. 4. A Lion. She, host bee burnt with Cedar wood , scarlet lace, andhyfope,all which must be call into the fire with her, ver. 6. figrxifs'ing r. three things in Chrift. i . the Cedar ofuncorrupt lice. z. the fcarlet of fervent love to mankinde. 3. the hyfope of savoury obedience in all things tohis father,all whichwere in all his fuff'erings, and fireofhis paffirion fweetning it. z. they noted three things arifing from Chrifts sufferings. r. immortality, figirified by the Cedar, which is not fubje t to purre.fa- ¿tion.