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C1eane perfons, types of Chrift. 179 c ìon. z. the fcarlet, themerit ofhis bloodapplyed to juflification. 3. the hyiòpe of mortification, healing our corruptions, as hyfope bath an healing quality. All thefe three properly arile from the palion of Chrift. 5. Aftion. A cleaneperfonmull gather the aches ofthe heifer,and lay themwithout the Campe in a clean place, ver. 9. fignifying r, the buriall of Chrift in a cleane andnew tom be wherein never man lay,a cleane place ne- ver ufed before. z. that themerit of Chrifts death is ever laid before God in the highefl andholieft heavens. , 3. theChrifkians account of Chrifls merit and paillon, who layette them up as his chiefe treafure in the cleane placeofa pure heart and confcience, an onely fit clofet to keep the inyfteryoffaith in. I V. Theufe and end of thrfe afhies was twofold, ver. 9. s. They must be kept for the Congregation : fignifying that there lhall never want fupplyofgrace and merit from the death ofChrift toanybeleever that fees hisneed ofthem. i. Ofthemwas made a water of fe- I peration, thus : A cleane perfon tookeofthe afhes ofthe redCow burnt, and put pure water into a veffell, and ta- king hyfope dipped it, and fprinkled it upon the tent,the perfons, andveffels, and upon the uncleane perfon the third and feventh day, and fo he (waffling his clothes and flefh with water) was cleane at even, ver. 18, 19. fignifying t. that the blood ofChrift is theonely wa- ter offeperation for perfons feparate, to feperate them from their uncleanneffe. The water madeof theaches of ChriLls death& bloodíhed,fprinkledupon the unclean, can onely purge the confcience from dead workes. z. that this bloodofChrift mull be fprinkled withhy- fopeoffaith andmortification. For hyfope bath a clean- fingquality, and is put fometimes for that which onely and properly cleanfeth, purgemewith hyfope, that is,with the blood ofthat eternall facrifice, figuredby that which isfprinkled withhyfope. 3. that thisbloodofChrift N z mti 4, Pfal.gr.7.