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Jhados, Dhy. S worke done, nor to jutlifie the obferver : but to thew jutlification by Iefus Chrift, the truth and fubftanceof them ; to bee types ofhim, pointing at him in whom the Father is pleated ; to bee Allegories and refensablara- ces of the benefits of Chrif}, exhibited in the newTe- flacnent; to bee teflirnaoniesof the promife andCove- nant on Gods part ; to be Sacramentsand feales of faith on the part of the beleeving Iew, exciting andconfir- ming his faith in the Mefliah I V. Godwould have this heape of Ceremonies ; . As bonds and finewes of the miniftery and publike meetings; in which the voiceof the promifed feed, and the foundof wholfome and lavingdoríne might bee preferued in the Church, and propagated to pofterity. 2. To be externall fignes of'their profeffion, by which God wouldhave his Churchdiflin& from all nations of the earth. 3. To be to theunbeleevingJewes, an ex- ternall difcipline to bridle them, and anexercife to frame them (at leaft inexternall converfation) to the Policy, and Commonwealth of Wes; for elfe they mull becut off, and excluded. V. Gods wifedome in appointing thefe Ceremo- nies ; i . Appointed acertaine obfervationof the line and tribe whence the Mefliah should cone according to the promife. 2. Enjoined a certaine provifion for the Mini(lery, which had no certaine part of the landallot- ted to them. 3. That the pooremight be fo provided for, as that theremight not be a beggar in 1 frael. The former propofitions and reafons beingdelivered bywayof Preface, wee now come to Phew that which our Text properly calleth for, that is ; wherein or how, Chrift is the truth of thofe figures, and the body ofthofe (hadowes of the Ceremonial! Law. Chrifl was figured in theold Teflament by holy Per- tonsi, and by holy Things. Of the moil holy and emi- nent Perfons who were figures ofChrift,I wil propound tome inftances. B 3 CHAP. 4. Vfe of thereto the Jews. 5.. Gods wifdorne in appointing them, Thege,nerall divifìon of this Treatife,