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Adam a typeof Adam* a type of Chrift, in foure things. I. vtergatad iT,fa- gtam Dei con- dicus, uterqtse Veo charifirraul. t, CHAP. T. lr. Adam a type of Chr. THe firfi ofthem is the fir[} Adam, who was fo live- ly a reprefemtation ofChriff, as that Chrift is often called thefecond Adam, Rom.5 . t q.. eAdam was 4figure ofhim that was to come. Wee will gather the relem- blancesbetweenethem intofour am generall heads. L Inrefpe ofCreation. r. Bothof themwere Sons ofGod, the one by eternall generation, the other by grace ofCreation. 2. Both wereMen, Adams, redde earth; the firft in hismatter, the fecond not in his me,tter only,but allo in his bluody'paffion. 3. BothwereSons ofone Father, and both men but ofno man their father, neither ofthem having any other father but God.4.Both created in the Image ofGod; the former,Gen. t . Z7.the lat- ter the ingraven forme of hisFathersperfon, Heb. r. 3. 5. Bothendowed with perfect wifdome and know- ledge; the fir[t Adam fo wife as that he gave fit names to all Creatures according to their natures : in the fecond Adam dwelr treafures ofwifdomeand knowledge. Col.2. 3. 6. Both poffeffed ofa moil happy and innocent eftate ; in which theone had power to perfcver, but not will : theother hadbothpowerand will. , The finit Adam was made in the fixth day of the weeke to the Imageof God : the fecond Adam towards the fixth age of the world appearing to re[lore that Image which the firft Adam quickly loft. I I. In refpec`t ofoffice and foveraignty. T. The fri Adam was owner of Paradife, the heire of the world ; foveraigne Lord of all the Creatures to whom theycarne for their names ; the fecond Adam is Lordof heaven as tivell as earth, heireofthe outnaoft boasnds ofthe earth..)