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..., Adam az type ofChrig. 7 earth, Pfal.2.8. Commander ofall Creatures; whom the windes and feas obev;whofe word the divels tremble at; and hekeepes his foveraignty which the firft Adam loft. z. Adam was appoynted to keepe the Garden anddrefe it, Gen.2.r S. 'Chrift the fecond Adamwas fet apart to farOifieandPave his Church,theGarden and Paradife of (od,Eph.5.26. 3. Adam was King,Prief},and Prophet in his family : fo is Chrift in the Church, the family and houfhoidoffaith,Rev. i .5. As Adam was the firft Mini- fier ofthe word in the Church,delivering the premife ofthebleffed feed withcertaine rites & Ceremonies to his children,and they to their pofterity : So the fecond Adam is the cbiefeProphet and Dolor ofhis Church, whoalwaies prefcribed the pure worfhip of God for matter andmanner in the Churchesof all ages. III. In refpec of Conjugation. r . 4dam fleeping Eve is formed : Chrift dying the Church is fra. coed, Eve is takenout ofAdams fide,while he fleepes : out ofthe fecondAdorns fide, whitehe was in the fleepe ofdeath, iffueth the Church. z.Evewas no fooner framed but as a pureand innocent fpoufefhe was delive- redby God to Adam yet in innocency : foGod the Fa- ther delivered the Church as a chatte & innocent fpoufe tobe married to the fecond Adam for ever,to bebone of his bone, and flefh ofhis flefh. 3c Of Eve rnarryed toAdam he receives both a Cain and an Abel intohis lwufe : fo the fecond Adam bath in his vifible Church bothelet and reprobates, found andhypocrites, as by many Parables isfignified; as ofthe field;the net,&e. II 11. In refpeft of propagation. i . Both of them are rootes, both have a pofterity and feed, Ifa. >3. to. z. Both of them convey that they have unto their pof}erity,Rom,5.12.14.As by the firf} Adamfirm, and by finne death came over all men : fo by the fecond Adamcame ri:hteoufneffe, and byrighteoufneffe lifeon all beleevers; 2nd hereinefpecially was the firft Adama 4 figure Primus ecclefre d0ao7wicker's immediate à Deo pearl* erat proponèncla, ita er clrftii4. 3. 4.