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1 rfe r The Minifiery teverend for antiquity, 2. Antiquityof the doctrine of free grace. . .odaritagxáJJâ- Yum, veriffimu. Term'. Seeke life by Chrif}s death. Adam a type ofChri/11 figuite ofhim that was tocome. 3 . As the firft Adam merited death for all his pofterity : fo the fecond Adam life for all his. Application followes. I. To note the honour and antiquity ofthe Mini- fiery which net the firft Adam one'y, but the fecond al.. fo exercifed. Difpife at thy peril! what they fo honou- red ; thinke it too bale for thy felfe to attend, for thy fonnes to intend : Neither the firft Adam Lord of the earth, nor the fecond AdamLordof Heaven and earth, did fo. I I. To note the antiquity and authority of the dot trineoffree grace by themerit ofthe Mefliab,which both the firft and fecond Adam taught; neither ofthem ever dreamed of the doctrine of workes and humane merits. What Adam learned of God in Paradife hee taught to his pe terity ; what his pofterity heard ofhim, . the fame theydelivered and left to their children ; but they never heardnor taught anyother way to /alvation, but by the promifed feed : fo alto what the Difciples heard ofthe fecond Adam,that they taught to theChur- ches;but theyheard the fame ofhim.AE.4.'i z. Andour dotrine being the fame with theirs, is not new, but moreancient then any other. For as this is the honour ofall truth, tobe before error and falfhood : foofthis truth,tohave precedencyof all truths ; It truely pleadeth antiquity,thereforc verity. III. In that the Churchcomes out of Chrifts fide, being in the fleepeofdeath, as Eve out of Adams hee fleeping,wee learne to feeke our life in Chrîfis death, Thatdeath fhouldbe propagatedby the finneof the firft Adam,was no rnarvaile : but that life by thedeath ofthe fecond,is anadmiredmyftery. Here is the greateft work ofGods power fetchedout ofhis contrary ; of ranke poyfona foveraigne remedy by themoil skilful! Phyfi- tian ofhearts, Let the jewel; fcorne a crucified God, I and d