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Adam 4 type ofChrift. and rcfufe the lifeofferedby a deadman; theyknow not theScriptnres,rtor thepower ofGod; whocan and Both command light oast ofdarknefJe, lifeout ofdeath,all things out ofnothing. How eafìly canhe repay re all things out ofany thing, who can fetch and frame all things out of nothing ? He is of power tomake ofclayand fpittle (fir to put out the fight)a remedy to reftore tight. He can as eafily favea world by the deathof his Son, as multiply a worldby the fleepeofAdam. I V. Labour to bee ingrafted into the fecond Adam, that as thou haft borne the imageof the earthly, fo thou maift beare the image ofthe heavenly, I.Çor. 5. 49. i. Becaufe the fecond Adam repayres whatfo- ever we loft in the firft. By the firft wee are enemies to God, by the fecond wee are reconciled to him. By the firft wee all dye, by the fecond wee are all made alive, I. Cor. r 5.22. By the firfl we are left to Sathans power, by the fecond wee areguided by the Spirit óf God. By j the firft we lof}all the Creatures, by the fecondwe are reftored to the holy ufc ofthé all.By the firfi a necef îty of death isbrought in, Heb.9 27. it ùappov»ted for all 1 men once todvr,and thencommette judgement; but by the fecond wee have a recovery ofthebleffing ofimmorta- lity and life. Whatfocver the firft Adam brings into the world by finne, thefecond carryes outby his righteouf- nelle. z. Becaufe by Chrift the truth wee recover more thenwe loft,or ever thould have had by the Type. For fo the Apoflle, Rom. 5 . r 6. the gift by the fecond Adamhath exceeded theoffence of the firtt. That as the firft Adam by eating the forbidden fruit hath powred all evill into the foules and bodies of all men, though they cate not ofthe forbidden tree: So the fecond Adam by regeneration is made righteosfnefj"e to thofe whohad wrought no righteonfneffe, and powred all good things into thefoules and bodies of his members: The firft Adam by finne helps us into mifery : but the fecond Adam s.Cor.4.0, 4. Get in Chr:ft the fe.. coudAdaisa, 3s thou art Cutelyofthe firft. Motives. r. Cor.r.3o.