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to Noah a type of C'hr:11. £damnot onelyhelps us out ofmifery, but advanceth us to thehigheli dignity ; to be,of fonnes ofwrath,fons ofGod; brethrenofChrift; membersofhis body ; heires ofthe kingdomeofheaven. By Adams rime we are all driven out ofParadife, an earthly pleafùre,inwhich wee Should have enjoyed an inconstant happineffe : but by Chrif# we arebrought into the heavenly Paradife,our Fathershoule. By e 4dams finne webecome unjuft : but by Chrifts holineffe we are not juff onely, but fanRifi- ed,graced,confirwed,glorificd, into whom by faith we come tobe ingrafted. Noah a typeof Chrift,in (even rcfpeets. r. 2. Differences betwcene Chrifts and NoahsriOr teottifneíté. CHAP. III. 2.Noaha type ofChrill,7.7Paies . THefecond inftance is Noah, a manifeft type ofthe trueNoah,and that in feven refpec5ts. I. Both were fore-prophefied of to be Saviours, Gen.5.29. Lamech begat a fonand called his name Noah, laying : Tht3(hall comfort us concerningour wor4Ze,, and forrow,and cool(ofthe earth; thereforehe calledhimby a name hgnifying ceafing, or reft: SoofChri[t, MMat. r .2 i . thou (halt call his name Iefisi, for he(hallfave hie people: He shall be the trueNoah that (hall caufe Gods wrath toceafe,and bring the afflicted foule to true refsand tran- quillity. IL Both arePaid tobe juft and perfeet; both faid to walkewithGod;andboth to find graceand favour with God. r. Noah was juft in his generation : So was Chrift;have nothing todo with that juft man, faith Pilate: Wife,Mat.2.7.19. But with difirence;lltoahsrighteouf. 7. Chrifts was inherent, a righteou neffe was imputed,being righteoafneffeoffaith, Heb. t r. fneffe of nature, per- fon