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I2, ÑoaïJpe©f Chri. without against the waters : So doth Chrift make choice of trees of righteoufneffe , the planting ofthe Lord , andcompatis them togetherby the bondof the Spirit, glewes and fattens them together by the glewof Chriftian love, and pitcheth them within andwithout, fortifies and ftrengthens them againa the waters of of fliaion,temptation, perfecution, that none (hall drowne or overwhelme them. ;. As Noah prepared divers roomes in the Arke for divers creatures : SoChrift in his Arke appoints divers places and funftions for belee- vers here, and prepares in his Fathers houle mar man- flow for them hereafter, Ioh.14, z. And as Noah receives into theArke cleaneandunclean e creatures and perlons, a Sem, and a Cham : So the Lord Chrift into his militant Church, all forts ofNations, fexes, perfons, conditions; ,ewes, Gentiles ; men, women , noble, ignoble ; belee- vers, and unbeleevers ; hypocrites, and found Chrifti- ans. On this floore is wheat and chaffe. 4. AsNoah made a window into his Arke, to give light to the crea- tures within : So Chrift, by the Gofpel preached in the Church, enlighteneth the mindes ofthofe that are with- in ; without which light let in, they flaeuld fit in ever- 'ailing darkeneffe. S. As Nods by the famedireaion makes a doore to enter into the Arke , and but one doore for fo very great abuilding : So there is but one doore to thegreat building ofthe Church difperfed farre and wide, and this is Chris himfelfe, Iob. 1 3.7,9. 6. As Noah the Matter of the Arke enters into it, and re- ceaves and faxes all that enter in with him ; for which purpofe bee is contented to bee toffedup and downe by . thofe molt ragingwaters, and had no more freedome 1 from feare and danger then others in the Arke : So Chrift the Matter of his Church, to fave his Church, himfelfeenters into it, and is admitted into it by the wa- ters of Baptifme ; and was contented for the laving of others to bee tolled with waves and billowes of af- fli aion,