Tailor - Houston-Packer Collection BT225 .T37 1635

1 Noah a type ofChrili. iii ftion,ignominy,(hame, finne, curie, yea the torments ofhell. That his Church might be in fàfety with him, he will bee indanger with her, and every way to helpe her, will bee every way like her in all things, firne ex. cepted. V. Both ofthem were repayrers of the world. From Noah defcended all the inhabitants ofthe earth: from Chrill all the inhabitants of heaven. The world againe wasre-peopled and repleniflìed by Noahs pofie- rrty : the Church and every member is Chrifis poflerity. Both of them were prefervers and providers for all forts of Creatures: But Noah as a fieward;Chrift as Lord and owner ofthem: Noah for a few,Chrifl for all: Noab for a yeare and a little more,Chrifi perpetually.To both ofthem the creatures came in, and were obedient to them. Though never fo fierce and favage out ofthe Arke, yet in the Arke they were mild and tame : So to Chrifi the windes, feas, divels obey; and ifLyons and Cockatrices come into the Arke and Church they be- come as Iambs and little children puttingoff all ficrce- neffe, Tfa. r a .6. V I. Both ofthem offered a facrifice of ref}, and fweet favour to the Lord, Noah, Gen.8,z r . As men are delighted with fweet favours, fo was Noahs facrifice pleafing toGod. Buthis was a facrifice but oftefifica- taon, witnefing his.faith and thankfiilneffi : The facri- fice ofChrifi was a perfeci fatisfaRion, in which he offe- red not the bodies of cleane beafis as Noah, but his owne body as a Lamb without fpot, not upon an Altar built by Noah, hand, but upon the Altar ofhis Deity, not afcending to heaven by ordinary fire; but offered through his eternal! fpirit, cornpard to fire, Neb.9, r 4. And therefore mull fully fatifie his Fathers juftice, appeafe his wrath,and be moll acceptable in it felfe, and muff bring Noahs, and all other facrifices into accep- tance. And from hence it was that withboth ofthem God 5. Sacrifice ofte- 1 [tification, and: of fatisfa.dion.