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Mat.3.j 6, Yfe. I. Preferve inte- grity in the worm times. Math.5.i6. Noah a type of chrifi. God didmake a covenant of grace for their pofterities, that he would never breake out in filch wrath againtt them, confirming the fame unto the pofterity of Adam by the figneoftheRaynebow, and to the pofterity of Chrift by the Sacrament of Baptifine, and the Lords Supper. V I I. Both of them fent a Dove out ofthe Arke. Noahwhen thewaters ailwaged, and muchof his feare and daunger was pall:, fends out the Dove who brought an Olivebranch, a figne of joy, comfort, and abating of thewaters : So Chritt jefus his fufferings and labours be- ing ended, fent his Spirit forth (whichhad lighted ae aDove on him) and brings joy, and peace, andcom- fort into the hearts ofall beleevers, bringing in a tetti- mony , that Gods wrath is appeafed, the waters are diminifhed, his love and favour returned which is betterthen life. Now toapplication. I. In the type and truth learne : if all the world l' about us be given towickedneffe, and wee be can into never fo wicked anage, then to labour to fbine in the middeft of a naughtygensration,Phil.z. i -.It isa fìngular praife tö be a Lot inSodom, and inacorrupt age to bee unlike finners. For lightto Chine and Phew itfilfe in darkenefhe, isbeautifull and glorious. Letyour lightfo fhnebefore men, that they mayfeeyourgoodworks. andglo- rifieyourfather which is in heaven. To Phew our (elves formes ofGod, and children of light among enemies ofGodand light, is a fingular honour. Noah fafhioned not himfelfe to thofe corrupt times ; nor Chritt to the evill behaviour ofthat age. Never had Chablis more need among fomany wicked fathions, to beexhorted not to fafbion thetnfelves to the world. If a Preacher holdon a preacher of righteoufneffe in fingleneffe and fincerity ofheart, not fafhioning himfelfe to the pre- fent temporizers andmen-pleafers, Let all the world fcorne,