Tailor - Houston-Packer Collection BT225 .T37 1635

Noah a type of Chriff. fcorne,oppofe, traduce him : Ifa private manhold forth the word oflife, and in blarneleffe and pure converfati- on walkeina way which leadeth againfi the f}reame and common current ofthecorrupt age : Both theone and the other have here the type and the truth, Noah and Chrifl prefidents for the like ac`ìions, precedents in the lame way. I E. In them both learne : That thefeare the dayes in whichwe mut} expec4 our Lord to judgement. ells it Was in the dayes ofNoah, &c: So (hall thecommingof the Sonne of man bee. As thofe finnes in Noahs time brought the deluge of water : the fame finnes now reigning, fhall bring and haf}en the dcftrunionby fire, prophecyed, 2. Pet. 3. The finnes are thefe. 1. The fonnes ofGod . marry with the daughters of men : that is, the godly with the ungodly, religious with the fu- perflitions,beleevers with infidels, 2. Horrible con- tempt ofthe word. As Noah preached by thepower of the Spirit, and Chrifi him felfeby the Spirit fo asnever man fpake; yet both were defpifed, and theSpirit re- filled whereby they fpake : So now godly Minifiers muff not thinke much to bee defpifed in their Miniflery. For as it was in the dayes of Noah, and of Chria : So Chrif} bath toldus it mut}be. 3. Profaneneffeofthe Miniflery,and generali malice againf} fincerity. As in the dayes ofNoah, many Wrights and workmen werebu- fie to prepare an Arke for others ; but themselves nei- ther entred into thefate, nor faved by the fame : And as in the dayes ofChrift, the Scribes and Pharifces pro- feffed themfelves chiefe builders, but refufed the corner f ene, and neither entred themfelves nor fuffered others, but envyChrifi they could : So (hall it be in the daies of the Sonne of man. 4. In the .Common- (late, and men, apoflacy, fecurity, fenfuality ; men Bate, drinke,' marry, but know nothing of judgement, that is, will not know : So (hall the comming of the Sonne of -man be, Mat. 24.39. III. In 2. sinncs which are figncs of Judgement aF- proaching. Matth,s4.38. z,Pct.3.24.