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16 Ì Noah a type of Chrift. S Comfort to bee l7dinChriít our Ncab. I I I. In that Chrift is the true Noath, all the true membersof Chrif ( whoare carefull to prepare them an Arke, and to get within the Arke ofthe Church ) -have. folid and (bong comfort. For, r. He is ready to re- ceive all that come unto him, who calls all the weary : as Noah readily received all that offered themfelves un- tohim. I.et nor thy finne difcouragc thee, bee thou ne- ver founcleane, get once into the Arke, and thouart fafe. 2. As Noah him felfe entred into the Arke, and abode there all the timeof danger, and toiling by the waters So our Lord fill! abides in the fame (hipof the Church with us ; he is fo muchthe more ccmpaflionate tous, as bee is acquainted with our forrowes; and though the danger and feare bee never fo much, wee (hall fare no I worfe then himfelfe will,who in all our troubles is trou- bled with us and for us. 3. As Noah pitched the Arke within and without and fo fenced it again( the wanes and raging billowes and furges ofa world of feas : So doth our true Noah fl:rengthen his Arke and Church partly withhis promife, partly with his prayers that their faith fade not, as withpitch withinand with- out, fo firme and fore, as let this little Arke of the Churchbe faired upon the waters ofafflic}ion, and tried by never fo many temptations, and perfecutions in this fea of the world, it is fo fenced and pitched that it fhall never mifcarry. Noah,r Arke indeed by toffing andbeatingof the watersmay bee weakened and made worfe : but Chrifts Arke the Church, is made better and flronger by triallsand afflic4ions, Pfal. r I y. 7 r . It is goodfor-moo that I haveBeene ofueled, that Imay learns thy flames. Noaahs Arkeat laft (hall putrifieand perifh, but Chrifts Arke (hall never perifìs, but at laft bee more perfect and glorious. 4. As Gods Covenant with Aroah was his fafety in the Arke : ( for Tooke upon the Arke floating above water, laden with heavy burthen, fencedagainli thewaters witha little pitch, perhaps not very;