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Melchizedek a typeof aril!. i 17 1 very skilfully, that being the firft veffell chat ever was made fOr the water) without Anchor, matt, fierne, Py- lot, or Matter to governe. it ( far Noah was (hut in by God) how fhould it be but:carried by winds and waves upon rockes, or hills, or (ands, or trees, or. buildings, and fo in an inttant fplitall too .pieces, but that the Lord was SStearfinan in all that -.voyage ?) So the fafety or the Church is, that it bath fo faichfùll a Pylot,whofe Co- venant made in his Church is the wall and defence ofhis people, more liable then the foundation ofthe earth. Which made David to glory ;: Though the earth tee mooned, and the'neotintarinr tumbled into the lea, yet the Church may glory in the fàlvation ofher God. In our leaser trials, formes, oppofitions looke toGodour fafe- ty r be within the Arke, Godwill provide forthy fafety. S. The Arke had a time tobe freét: front the delugeof waters : So the Church bath a time for her deliverance, Rev.7. 14.PfaI 5 5.zz. 6. When the flood ofwaters bated, the Arke refced on a mountains ofArarat, Gen. 8.4. So when tlae waters of affiiaion are dried up, the Churchhath her reftin theholy mountainofGod,Pf, i 5 CHAP. IV. 3. Melchizedek a typeof Chrß. Ebrews 7.3. Hee mu likened to the Sonne ofGod. Wee muff fearch wherein and howChris was the truthof that figure. I In the notationof his name. _2íelchizedek fig- nifietb King of righteaufneffe : Our Saviour was indeed properly Ki gofrig hteouffne f fe, Hc6.7. z. lfai. i r . e}.Pfal. 45.6,7. thy kingdome is a scepter of righteoufnefe, thou lovefl righteoufnefe, M41.4.z..Chria the Sonne ofrigh. C teoufaeffe Pfal.46.z. Arca tandem ex di.iuzio libeí ata: fie Ecelefa. Arca cefantedi- luvio in monte requievit : Ec- clefia mundi pi,- éfibm ce 'antabaLs in ashmunte. Melchkedel¿ a type of ChriAa in4. refpe4