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36 ) Iofeph a type of°hrift. 'never falfely accufed, they lay things tohischarge he knew, as falfely condemned, bound yea faftened to the Croffe betweene the thieves , and call into the grave as into a prifon , till the time of' his deliverance came, that he was takenout from prifon and judgement, as Ifai. S3, S. Iv . in his advancement and preferment. For, . As lofeph wasfeparate from b4s brethren,1Cen. 49.26. that is, advanced by God tohonour above them all : So Chria was fèparate and advanced in glory above men and Angels, Pleb, i .q . bath obtained afarremore excellent name then the Angels. 2. Though Isfeph was fhot at by the archers, yet his armewas l}rengthened, the bonds and fetters were looted, andhe notonely brought out of prifon, but advanced to bee Lord over the whole land, and next untoPharaoh,having all adminillrationdelive- red unto him : Sojefus Chrit, althoughhe was a But or figneof contradicîion. yet his arme was flrengthened to raife himfelfe out of the grave, tolode all chames offin, to loofe all forrowes ofdeath, and being rifen againewas advanced and exalted above all creatures, all power gi- venhim in heavenand earth, his throne fet next unto his Fathers, the Lord of his Church, and rulerofthe whole earth, to him is committed the governement, and his bounds are the utmos`l hills , Pfalm. 2. yea the whole Church in heaven andearth ishis to whom all power be- longs. 3. As Pharaoh every wayhonoured Iofeph; As r . He richly decks and attires him, puts a golden chaise onhis necke, Gen 41.42. 2. They mull cry be- fore him, As brech, that is, every manmull bow to him. 3 Every man mull depend on his word,Gen.41.5 S. Goe to Iofepb ( faithPharaoh) and what he faith to you, doe yee : So God the Father bath highly exalted his Sonne jefus, and given him not. onely the rich robes of immortalityand glory, but Name above all names, that i at his blame every knee íhall Bowe. He appointed not John 1