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jofeph a type ófChri. lohm 8aptiftonely to behis fore-runner to-maki way for him, but all the Apof}1es and Evangelias cry before him Abrech. Yea all faithful! paaours and teachers whole office is to bring men to ftoope under the fhbjediois of Jefus Chrift. Yea he hash given his Sonne plenary autho- rity to governehis kingdome,aud commands us, as ano- ther lofeph to heare him. I. From the type and truth learn.It is no new thing for the belt men to be haredand wronged for their ex. ceIlency and innocency.Iofeph was there tore hatedofhis brethren,becaufe moll loved ofhi!Father,Gea. 37.4.Chrif was hated because hewas the light, and gave witnefie unto it. This is acertaine truth, ifGodwill teflifie to a man, theworld will tefli fie againflhim, whofe judge- ments are contrary tohis. IfG:od will advance a man in grace, the worldwill depreffe him. If God be extraor- dinary to i1ofes , -Iaron and Miriam his brotherand filter will hatehim. IfDavidbe refpetied, Saul will en- vy him. Who can ftand before envy ? not naturali bro- thers. No marvaile if men fay as ofold : Ifwe let this maw alone all menwill beleeve in him. Well : an evili eye isa figne ofan evill man, that dares in his thoughts check theAlmighty for doing with his owne as he will. And a good man cannot expect a furer confirmation in goodneffe, then to be hated for it; as in our type and truth.Let us on the contrary there lovemoft where God fheweth molt love : nor let any lofephleave hisgood- neffe for the hatredofthe brethren. I I. All the fufferings of Gods children are or- dayned and ordered by him. r . They are ordayned by God.So in the type lofph fees Gods decree : It was not you, but God fent me afore you. So did the true lofeph : It is not thouPilate that couldahave any power overme, unleffe it were given from above, lob, r 9.11. and AR' 4.27. 28. againft thy holy SonneJefus, Herod, Pontius Palate, with the Gentiles, and the people of D 3 7frael 37 Yfe r. No newcs fir good men to be hated for their excel- lency. F'fe. 2. All fuiferings of the godly come of God. Ordained by him.